I re-read through my earlier posts, and it dawned on me why I offset the swingarm to the left in to begin with. (That right there makes this build blog worthwhile, even if nobody else ever reads it.)

I was nervous about:

  1. Having enough room on the left side to locate the rear sprocket for proper chain alignment,
  2. I thought I might want extra room on the right for the expansion chamber, and,
  3. The 12mm diameter of the pivot bolt seemed so spindly, so I wanted to leave as much of its length as possible the original 14mm diameter.

In any case, I only had the bolt machined the minimum amount to fit the swingarm in. If I want to move the swingarm to the right, I would have to take the bolt back to a machine shop. UGH!

However much I hate to even contemplate that, it just might be worth it, and not just for appearance. If I machined the pivot bolt so I could move the swingarm to the right, I could then fabricate something like this:

With holes to accept the exiting escutcheon plate screws, this would locate the swingarm this in relation to the frame hole, dramatically increasing the current skinny sliver of contact between the swingarm and the escutcheon plate. (I know I kinda resolved that concern, but it still is nagging at me…in much the same way as the swingarm offset.)

I am having that familiar debate between getting it perfect and getting it finished.

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