Going through workshop withdrawals as my recovery continues, I decided I need to do SOMETHING, and ended up buying a gas tank for the Aermacchi-Ducati Special. The stock Harley 350 tanks out there are all rusted and too expensive, as well as too short to match up with my seat form. Due to the ’73-’74 350’s peculiar frame tube arrangement, not many other tanks would fit. I needed forward fuel outlet(s) and a wide tunnel.

I found that the Benelli Mojave tank, that darling of hipster builders everywhere, fit the bill. Rather than get a rusty used one or one of the many repops out there, I sprang for an NOS original off Ebay. $126 shipped. It’s not a perfect fit, and it is missing the cap, but in excellent shape, it’s the right length for my seat, and there are no technical reasons it shouldn’t work.

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