With the brake caliper reassembled and the brake scoop trimmed, I was able to properly mount the front wheel. I connected a spare brake line I have, to find that it is just a couple of inches too short. Damn.

In this view, the brake plate is rotated upwards, so the caliper isn’t positioned where it should be, so the brake hose needs to be even longer than it looks here. Not something you’d ordinarily need to consider. Everything about that Inboard Disk system is weird. Working on it is like Opposite Day.

I taped the cheap-o plastic fenders I bought in place, just to get an idea how they’ll look. I’m not really digging the super angular front, but it’s what I bought, so it’s what the bike is going to have.

All the clutter around the bike in this shot doesn’t help (my workshop space is pretty cramped and desperately in need of a good reorg/tidying up).

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