After thinking through a couple of more elegant options for steering stops, I decided to stick with the somewhat kludgy brackets I had already made up. I did, however, round them slightly to (approximately) match the curve of the spacer block.

The single screw mount seemed only slightly sketchy, since contact with the frame stop would tend to self-center them. However, the bracket could theoretically rotate and jam against something should the screw loosen. Luckily, I have a super simple enhancement that’ll make this a perfectly cromulent solution. There are already two extra M6 tapped holes in the spacer, directly underneath the brackets (the result of me miscalculating the steering lock required on the other bike this steering stem was originally modified for). I can easily friction-lock the brackets in place by adding a couple of cone-tipped M6 setscrews from underneath. I didn’t have them on-hand this morning, but I can add them before final assembly, once the bike comes apart for final paint and welding.

Speaking of grub screws, you can also see an M8 setscrew at the rear of the spacer block. This piece is a loose slip fit around an inner steel collar, which is what the bottom steering bearing actually rests on. The grub screw isn’t really necessary, but I wanted to remove that slight amount of play to keep the assembled part from rattling.

Like everything else on this bike, if it fits, it ships.

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