The die-cut vinyl “Panther” decals I originally intended to use turned out to be prohibitively expensive to make. The setup fees print shops (both local and online) charge make “onesie-twosie” custom cuts rather impractical. So, I integrated my Pather logo into a design to fit a standard round decal. offers this cool brushed-alloy-look background. Eleven of these 4-inch round decals cost me $30. Interestingly, when I actually got the package, it contained 14 stickers. Bonus score! With a dozen extras, I don’t need to worry how durable or fade-resistant these are.

Four inches in diameter is fairly large, but they’ll be hard to miss. The whole purpose of these decals is to squelch questions at the inspection station about what the hell this thing is, and why the registration lists “PANT” as the vehicle make.

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