I haven’t updated this in well over a year, but I still have the bike. And it’s still not completely roadworthy. The big issue was an electrical problem that I just couldn’t figure out. I was having lighting issues that I traced down to left-side handlebar switch unit. I also needed a new throttle, because the original, internal-cable twist-grip was sticking. So, I bought all new generic switches, handlebar levers and throttle off Ebay. The functions of the switches didn’t match up exactly to the originals, and they had a few extra wires, so I spent time trying to figure it out. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get the headlight to come reliably, even though the handlebar switch was brand new and bench-tested perfectly. So, since replacing the switch unit didn’t solve the problem, it had to be somewhere else, right? I traced wires all over the bike, repeatedly, trying to figure out the issue, with no luck. I ended up giving up and pushing the thing into a corner of the garage in defeat and leaving it there for many months. I concluded that I was just too stupid to fix it.

Well, last Saturday morning I started over, troubleshooting from scratch. I then discovered the bizarre reality of the situation. It was so unlikely a scenario that I once I discovered it, I didn’t feel nearly so stupid.

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