Well, I was not able to ride the Honda 125 in the KC Giro today, but I was able to ride the bike for the first time today, even if it was only a couple of blocks with the headlight zip-tied in place. The missing parts for headlight bracket I ordered from China arrived, but of course still didn’t fit the 27mm forks. Also, 6V turn signal bulbs to fit the aftermarket turn signals (the second set I bought) won’t arrive for another couple of weeks…I had to order them from Slovakia (yes, really).

There is still a lot to do: not only do I have to resolve the headlight and turn signal issues, but the petcock leaks fuel, the used speedometer I bought off Ebay doesn’t work (bummer), the new exhaust I made is little too loud, and the chain is hitting the chain guard somewhere (you can hear it in the video). Of course, once all that’s taken care of, it will still need a proper paint job at some point. But it starts and goes and stops quite nicely! WOOHOO!

This was also my first chance to try out my new GoPro Chesty camera strap.

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