While I was out on Ebay buying my replacement fork tubes, I bought a front wheel hub and lower fork sliders to fit a ’74-’76 CB125. The CL’s stock drum is the same as the Trail 90, and it’s super weak, even for this bike’s limited weight and speed envelope.

I already know I’ll need to replace my front rim, because it has a slightly wavy bead area, indicating some corrosion bubbling up under the folded-over lip. For the same price as a chrome steel replacement, I can get some fairly nice alloys, since the rear rim isn’t exactly pristine. I won’t do anything immediately, I just want to get this out on the road. But at whatever point in the future I replace the rims, I’ll have the option of switching to a front disc brake. I can’t imagine using the CB’s weird cable-operated disc, but at least I’ll have a RH slider with the extra mounting boss to fabricate something. I don’t think I’ll be able to use the stock fender without some sort of adapter. Who knows what all that will entail. I’ll get all the pieces, lay them out, and figure it out as I go.

This whole “get this finished” scheme is not going in the intended direction.

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