Most of the re-wiring is complete. I just need to mount the reg/rec and the 12 volt conversion will be finished. Still haven’t decided whether to upgrade to an XL200R stator/engine cover. All the lighting is installed, including a Peterson LED 7″ headlight in a Ural bucket.

So far, this has gotten:

  • All LED lights,
  • a custom muffler and heat shield;
  • new fuel tank;
  • new carb, custom manifold, and air filter;
  • new tires;
  • new chain and sprockets;
  • new levers,
  • new switchgear, mirrors and grips;
  • aftermarket speedometer,
  • new fork gaiters and fork seals.

It still needs a new front rim, and probably some carb jets.
Why, yes, I am upside-down on this project — incredibly so.

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