I have finally sorted out all the major issues with this bike. The last issue was a bad float needle and seat (as you can see from the drips of fuel on the ground in the photo). Replaced that this morning before work, and then rode the bike to the local garage for a state safety inspection. Successfully passed, so I can finally get the bike plated. After that, I took the long way back home to fill up at a gas station that sells ethanol-free fuel, and the damn thing seemed to run like it should — clutch and brakes worked properly, it handled predictably, engine idled nicely and wound out well enough. There is definitely more to do, of course. The temporary stand-in speedometer is from a Honda NX50 Express SR, and the spray-bomb paint job is not fuel safe, so that’s already lifting off in places, but there’s nothing keeping me from riding it back and forth to work this summer.

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