• Rust holes successfully soldered
  • Dents knocked out as much as possible
  • Inside treated with phosphoric acid, then Caswell liner
  • Surface bondo’d and sanded
  • Smoothing the whole thing over with multiple coats of gray primer.

While I was taking photos of Bultakenstein in the driveway, I snapped a shot of the CL as well. I’ve managed to make the tank into a properly sealed, functional 20-footer. I plan on using some rattle-can Ford Engine Blue for the color coats, adding white vinyl racing stripes to each side, then clear-coating. I also will need to repaint the side covers and either refinish or replace the emblems, but that won’t stop me from riding, so those might wait for winter.

I am planning to just shoot one or two coats of gloss paint over the primer and move on to the exhaust bracket, shift shaft oil seal, broken wires, busted turn signals, tires, etc. Lots more time needed, which is frustrating because I want get this on the road and then get busy again on Bultakenstein.

I am trying to follow the mantra of getting it on the road first, and only then worrying about appearance.

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