Tank has been stripped, soldered, banged into shape, given a skim of bondo. The inside was treated with phosphoric acid and then sealed with Caswell epoxy liner. The paint is just a spraybomb job to save the metal while I finish getting it into shape; a proper finish and stripes will come after its roadworthy. The dead speedometer has been replaced with a used one from an earlier CL100. Exhaust is pretty much finished; I still need to make the rear exhaust hanger and spray the headpipe with high-temp flat black manifold paint. Replacements for the headlight ears and broken turn signals are on their way, and I have a replacement seal for the leaky shift shaft. I’m pretty much decided on Kenda K272 tires, but they’ll have to wait a paycheck or two. There is still a lot to do, but as I said, it’s coming along!

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