I’m currently working on Bultakenstein‘s front brake. While I had my cache of brake parts out on the bench, the A-D Special got some parasitic attention. I have an extra master cylinder, orginally from an Aprilia Dorsoduro 750. Since both the Dorsoduro and the Ducati Monster engine have a hydraulic clutch, I went out on Ebay and found the matching clutch master cylinder/lever—so, Aprilia master cylinders it is! The Dorsoduro brake cylinder seems to be fully functional, but it had a rusty, bulging, clouded sight glass. I had to replace the sight glass in Bultakenstein’s Suzuki master cylinder and they came two-to-a-pack for $8. Fortunately, the spare glass fit the Aprilia unit perfectly. I will shoot it with a coat of Eastwood Brake Gray at some point.

I also have a new 3-foot braided brake line on the shelf. So, all that’s left to sort is the wheel-end of the brake system.

Suzuki made two different diameter brake discs to fit the Bandit 400 front wheel: 290mm and 310mm. Unfortunately, no caliper will be a bolt-on fit, since the ’83 GS750 forks were designed for a 272mm disc. I sourced the 290mm version from a 1995 RF600R, but I’ll have to make some sort of custom caliper bracket no matter what caliper I use. As much as I would like to use a Grimeca or Brembo unit to enhance the bike’s European vibe, I already have this 4-pot “blue spot” Yamaha unit. Since was designed to work with a 298mm, it will do the job just fine.

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