I’m still waiting on my caliper rebuild kit, so I looked for something else to accomplish this morning.

The handlebars, from a Honda VTR250 Interceptor, were originally designed to bolt both around the fork tube and down to the top triple clamp. That second attachment is not an option with the GS750 front end.

They clamp to the fork tubes using only one pinch bolt per side, and I have never liked that there isn’t a way to positively locate them. Even with the bolt torqued down five grunts tight, they can still be made to rotate with a good shove on the end of the bar. So I made a bar out of aluminum stock that links the two sides together. I need to replace the pinch bolts with some extended bolts (6mm x 70mm) and an extra pair of nuts to tie it all together. It’s not very elegant, but perhaps I can hide it or integrate it somehow whenever I mount gauges. (Speed holes, maybe?) Or it will just be more ugliness. But at least I won’t be surprised by a drifting handgrip out on the road.

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