I’ve concluded that I’m unlikely to ever get around to the Aermacchi-Ducati project, and I have waaay too much stuff cluttering up my tiny workshop. As a result, I have listed the Harley-Aermacchi frame, with with the wheels and brakes installed, for $400 on the usual online forums and marketplaces. My price is not set in stone, but I think that’s fair; it’s right at half the money I have into it as shown. New Parts include the steering bearings, clip-ons, Grimeca 11mm master cylinder, rear brake rotor, shocks, and tires. I did not include the fiberglass seat base and Mojave tank because I never got around to actually mounting them to the frame. However, I’ll be happy to offer them if anybody inquires.

I didn’t mention the Ducati engine, either, because the swap is such a niche concept that I’m unlikely to find anyone else who thinks it’s worth doing. Fortunately, the engine mounts are unmodified, so it could be easily used for a more standard Aermacchi resto-mod.

I’m hoping there’s an Aermacchi guy with a bunch of spare ’73/’74 350 parts out there somewhere who likes the idea of upgrading to modern brakes and tires.

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