I finally pulled the Bultakenstein project out again. I mean that literally; I haven’t accomplished anything new, I just took the frame down out of the rafters, pulled the swingarm off the shelf, and got it all back to the point I was at last fall.

The next steps are the wheels and suspension. The steering stem needs to be machined, but I’m not going to have the spare change for that until mid-may or so. In the mean time I am sorting out the rear wheel. However, looking it over this morning before work, I think I need to first do a little rework. Right now the swingarm is offset to the left. I thought I would be okay with that, but it’s just starting to bug me, because there’s no reason for it except pure laziness on my part. So I need to shorten the swingarm spacer on the right side and make a smaller spacer for the left. Functionally, it wouldn’t make a difference, but I haven’t gotten the rear wheel centered properly yet, so at this point it’s just shoddy not to make it aesthetically right.

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