How long does it take to turn down an axle?

Well, when you don’t have access to a lathe, and you’re trying to get it done inexpensively, and you aren’t even sure you want it done, the answer is 358 days.

But here, finally — after passing through the hands of four different machinists and more than a little hesitation on my part — is the secret ingredient to my swingarm installation.

It turned out great, it’s a nice, snug slip fit within the bearing sleeve, and it doesn’t look nearly as spindly as I expected it to. And even though I was willing to pay to have the work done, I ended up having it turned for free.

Before I can mount the swingarm, I still need to make up some sort of escutcheon plate for the left side pivot hole and the spacer that’s needed to go over the right-side end of the pivot shaft. But hey, it’s one roadblock I’ve gotten beyond. On to the next of a hundred thousand things that need to be accomplished…

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