Working on the frame,I started first with test pieces, bending cheap conduit. It took me three tries to get the proper shape.

Confident of my dimensions, I ordered a couple lengths of .109″ wall 1026 DOM off EBay. I figure, I’m only going to modify this frame once. If I’m going to go through the effort, there’s no reason to use flimsy mystery metal.

My Ridgid ratchet bender coped with the thicker .109 wall tubing just fine, though judging the springback was a bit of a wild guess. I had taken the initiative to throw some math at the problem ahead of time, and I was pleased that I was able to replicate my pattern pretty accurately.

I only had time to get the first one bent. I’ll give the other side a go sometime in the next week or two.

It will need to be trimmed to fit, obviously.

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