I attempted to add stops to the swingarm for the snail adjusters. My plan to use 6mm socket head screws seemed easy enough to implement, and in fact the left side went fine. I marked, drilled, and tapped the hole, and verified that the socket head engaged the scallops on the adjuster properly. All looked good.

I then did the same thing on the other side. Or at least, started to. With the hole drilled, I was tapping the M6 x 1.0 threads, when—

Fuuuuuudge. (Only I didn’t say fudge.) I was sooo close!

I spent most of 90 minutes try to get the broken tap out. I tried Vice-Grips, needle-nose pliers on the flutes, tapping it with a chisel, everything I could think of. No joy. I’ve purchased a tap extractor off Ebay for $21. It should be here in a week.

If that doesn’t work, I will need to go to Plan B. I’ve had these Suzuki adjusters with rear-mounted screws for many years. About a decade ago (literally) I made these support plates to adapt the adjusters to the skinnier ends of the YZ125C swingarm. If I can’t extract the tap, I’ll grind it off flush and spot-weld these plates to the outside of the axle mounting slots. I don’t like this solution as much, mainly because it’s easier to get the wheel adjusted accurately with snail adjusters, but I have a workable solution.

I can’t stop kicking myself. I was sooo close!

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