I needed some way to bend 1″ diameter pipe for The Bride’s exhaust. Since I don’t have $600+ dollars to drop on a proper tubing bender and dies, I bought a used, 1″ diameter electrician’s conduit bender for $30.

Unfortunately, I had no idea how big it would actually be. It’s a monster. The radius of the bend was way, way too big for my purposes.
Here’s my first attempt:

That pipe is exactly where your left thigh is going to be when you put your feet down at a light. Ouch!

So, I bought a pre-made header pipe. It had a much tighter bend, which is good, but this one pointed straight at the rear frame tube. So, I cut it down and matched it to another section of tube that I had bent with the conduit bender just slightly.

It tucks in so much better! It will still need a heat shield, but definitely a workable fit.

On the other side of the bike, I have most of the intake plumbing cut to shape, too. I just need to make the carb flange. Once I have all that ready to go, I will drop all the parts by my local welding guy and have everything pieced together properly.

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