I have fabbed up the brackets that will tie the brake panel stay arms into each of the fender mounting bosses on the fork legs. I cut them out of 1/4″ alloy plate with a hack saw, sanded the edges with a 1″ belt sander, then drilled the bolt holes and “speed holes” on my benchtop Craftsman drill press.

I have some low-profile button-head allen screws on order to replace the big socket heads on there now.

On the caliper side, a pair of M6 bolts will attach the upper bracket to the main arm. Remember, the majority of the braking stress will be transferred directly from the brake arm to the fork leg. The bracket is just there as a backup, and to prevent the brake panel from rotating when rolling backward.

Closer up, you can see that small spacers will be required between the two pieces.

On the other side, the wheel cover with the scoops in it is just cosmetic. It does need to be positively located, but are no rotating stresses on it. Thus, the stay arm is much smaller, and will attach to the upper bracket with only one M6 screw.

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