I mounted the steel Yamaha Maxim 700 fender to the steering clamp, and I think I have the best front fender arrangement yet. I didn’t think this fender was long enough to look right mounted high, but it really does. The result is simple and not odd enough to be distracting. I’ll forego the fork brace; it’s probably not needed on a 50 MPH motorcycle. 

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised; throughout this project, the obvious, straightforward answer has been the right one. As I’ve said before, this bike keeps telling me what it wants to be.

The fender is only mounted with one bolt in these photos. It’ll take some slightly involved bracketry at the rear to attach securely, but I have the tools and raw stock needed on-hand.

Unfortunately, it’s very hard to get decent shots in my tiny, jam-packed workshop.

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