I finished fabricating the rubber tank bumper assembly, and mounted it to the frame temporarily with some hose clamps. I then re-mounted the tank, ensured it was aligned properly, and hit the cross-brace with a couple of crappy, spatter-y tack welds with my flux-core welder. It’s not pretty, but it positively locates the tank securely on the frame.

I have juust enough clearance for the throttle cable, the choke lever, and the petcock. The only thing more difficult than mounting the tank with the carb in place is mounting the carb with the tank in place.

I will eventually have to have this more professionally welded, but for right now, I can move on to mounting the seat and rear fender. I’m really starting to like how this is coming together. As the saying goes, “90% complete, 90% to go.”

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