A set of forks I’d purchased some time ago came with some of the pieces of an aftermarket fork brace. I discovered that the difficult-to-fit parts that clamp to the forks fit The Bride’s forks perfectly. From there, it’s not a complicated task to tie them together with a piece of 1/4″ thick aluminum plate.

Unfortunately, I thought the added brace would look very odd mounted below the $20 plastic dirt fender I purchased for this bike:

In designing the missing midsection of the brace, I realized that I’d also be creating an attachment point for a low-mount front fender. I dug a steel Yamaha Maxim 700 fender out of my parts cache and sized it up. I think it will work better mounted down low than the origami-styled plastic fender, and I’d be appropriately using a cast-off part from one of my other projects. I think the styling will be more suitable, too.

I am not fully committed to this fender configuration. I will probably make up mounts for both versions in the coming days. I’ll decide which one I like best after I see them both properly installed.

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