Here’s another example why the first rule of troubleshooting is “change only one thing at a time.”

I replaced the condenser and plug. The bike started right up. But I had another problem, the fuel tank leaked profusely with any more than a 1/2 tank of gas. The lip around the filler hole on my fuel tank is a bit banged up, so I made a thicker, softer neoprene gasket to replace the hard rubber one under the cap. Sloshed the tank from side to side, no leak. Yay! I grabbed my helmet and took the bike out for a shakedown cruise. About 3/4 mile from the house, the bike died suddenly. Kaput. Nothing. I coasted to the side of the road. Crap, I still had a problem. After kicking it a couple of times in vain, I heard a slight whistle coming from the tank. I twisted the cap. WOOOSH. I kicked it again and it fired right up.

So, it turns out I fixed one problem and simultaneously created another. Evidently, the thicker gasket isn’t allowing it to vent for some reason. Looking at the cap, I still am not sure the path by which it vents. I’m thinking I need to create a truer, better-sealing surface for the tank lip. I’m not sure what that looks like at this point. Alternatively, I can order a repop tank from Thailand for $200.

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