So, a few months back, I happened to find this photo of a converted Bultaco Pursang on the web. Looking at it, all I could think was that if I had simply stuck with twin shocks for this project, I could have skipped a whole lot of the delays and heartaches that stem from the monoshock YZ swingarm I started with.

Digging into the Yamaha parts interchange, I learned that several of the ’74-’76 DT and MX models used exactly the same swingarm pivot bolt, spacer, bushing and caps as the YZ125C. The twin-shock version is not the most substantial swingarm, but it offers an easy option for conventional shocks using all the hardware I already have. I’d simply need to add a couple of shock mounts to the new rear frame section I’m currently constructing. Fortunately, the monoshock mounting bracket I created simply unbolts from under the tank. Given all the additional trouble I foresee ahead with spring rates and carb clearance, this is an attractive alternative.

So I’ve just purchased a ’76 DT175 swingarm off Ebay for less than $32, including shipping.

I am not sure I’ll go with it, but for the cost it will be nice to give myself some options as I move forward. I’d be abandoning one of the fundamental design catalysts that first prompted this project. However, if I really feel the need to spice up the appearance and beef up the rigidity after I get it all put together, I can use my tubing bender to make some sort of an under-brace for it, assuming I still think the project is worth the effort and I’m feeling ambitious at that point. In the meantime, this might remove some roadblocks and help the project move forward.

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