I bought an exhaust for it last August. With shipping and tax, the total cost was $240—not an inexpensive purchase. It’s an aftermarket, but I have my doubts about the seller’s claim it’s a 360 Astro pipe made by Jemco or Banke; the dimensions don’t seem right for a 360cc engine. Also, it arrived looking far more dinged-up than it appeared in the auction photos. But no matter, it’s good enough to be at least a starting point for this bike.

Unfortunately, the exhaust doesn’t even come close to fitting my Pursang frame. I had to cut off the lower mounting bracket; its location did me no good and it just got in the way. Someone had previously welded together what had been a slip-fit connection between the head-pipe and the main chamber body. I didn’t feel too bad about cutting that apart, because the head pipe was just a wee bit too short anyway. Since additional length before the divergent cone tends to move the power lower in the rev range, and I won’t be revving this to the moon on a dirt oval, a bit of compromise in the length probably won’t be horrible from a powerband standpoint — as long as it doesn’t mess with the effective length of the rear cone too much.

Going forward, I need to work out how to rubber-mount the engine at the front and bottom attachment points before I finalize the exact orientation of the exhaust.

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