To assess exactly what I’d come up with so far (and help keep my motivation up), I attached the handlebars and set the engine, tank and cardboard seat pattern roughly in place. To give you all of you a more clear idea of its intended configuration, I wheeled the bike lift outside and snapped a couple of decently-lit photos of it in its current state:

In this second image, I’ve ghosted some tires onto the rims to get a better feel for the wheel dimensions.

I did some quick, rough measurements of rake and trail numbers. The leading-axle forks rob me of some trail, so even though I’ve got plenty of rake (30 degrees as it sits in the photo), I am pretty sure I will need to make changes to increase trail. I can do that lots of different ways, but I will have to choose tires and get the rear suspension in place to accurately measure it. In other words, addressing that issue comes a bit later, but I do know it’s not right as it sits in the photos.

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