This is me being disciplined, sticking to my prioritized task list, and NOT getting distracted by the newest trinket I bought. Actually, I told myself that I needed to go ahead and cut the rear section off the KTM frame because I had nowhere to store it as it was, which was probably the truth.

The rear section was not held on by much: two funky little saddles at the front attached to the frame with just two tack welds per side. At the bottom, there was just one tube to cut — one of the lower seat supports was already split in two. Zip, zip with the angle grinder and about 90 seconds later, my frame was a Manx cat lookalike.

The tubes were caked with dirt under the saddles, so I sanded the frame and shot a bit of primer. The rear section had little rubber tube plugs that I was, surprisingly, able to extract after 41 years and use to blank-off the hacked lower tubes. Voila, finished!

I also discovered a rear axle (from an old Bultaco Pursang, perhaps?) that threads into the funky KTM swing arm pivot. It’s a bit long, however, so not a perfect fit.

No, this won’t be in my way. Not at all.

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