In order to mount the fender, the whole front end had to come apart for the umteenth time.
Put the pieces together. Take the pieces apart.
Put the pieces together. Take the pieces apart.

This is my life now.

The photo below shows the steering stem flipped over in a vice.

Since the lower triple clamp is from a street bike, there are no fender mounting bosses on the underside. My solution is a 1/4″ alloy adapter plate between the fender and the steering stem. There’s a single M6 threaded hole at the front of the triple clamp (originally for the front brake hose junction on dual-disc models) — you can see a button-head socket bolt towards the back of the photo.

Unfortunately, the steering stem offers no other attachment points. So, I’m making these spacers that will bolt the rear of the fender adapter plate not to the triple clamp, but to the alloy steering bearing adapter that sits above the triple clamp. I’ll drill and heli-coil the thicker plate and insert long M6 bolts from underneath. It’s a awkward and laborious solution, but it’s not technically challenging, just time consuming and a bit on the heavy side.

I really have no idea what this will weight when it’s complete, but little stuff like this all adds up. It’s bound to be a little porker.

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