After I posted my issue with the melting turn signal, an online pundit suggested I relocate the muffler, rather than move the rear turn signals. I had no intention of totally re-fabricating the exhaust, however, there is a bit of extra clearance in the exhaust flange mounting holes which allows some slop in positioning the pipe. When I reinstalled the exhaust pipe, I shifted the pipe out away from the bike as far as possible as I torqued down the exhaust nuts on the head studs. This bought me a small but significant amount of extra room between the muffler and the turn signal.

Now, all I needed to make was a new mounting bracket. Exhaust Bracket 2.0 is made from 3/16th inch steel. Frankly, it’s much more attractive than the original 1/4″ alloy one, which had two mushy bends and just looked kludgy. This one has a much cleaner bend, done in the shop press. It’s certainly stout. Cue the phrase, “that ain’t goin’ anywhere.”

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