After weeks of waiting, we finally had of a sunny, calm, dry, sorta-warm (50° f) weekend afternoon. I took the opportunity to get a coat of paint on The Bride’s frame and swingarm.

After much deliberation, I went with “Chevrolet Orange-Red” engine paint. It’s the closest thing I could find to Can-Am Qualifier red without spending big money on custom-formulated paint. Frankly, there’s no guarantee the genuine factory color would match my oxidized, beat-up, 45-year-old plastic tank any better than this stuff, which is not only cheap but durable and readily available if I need to do modifications or touch-ups later.

Once the enamel is good and hard, I’ll lightly sand this coat before hitting them with a second coat, flipped upside-down to catch the bottoms and the other spots I missed. The end result will have the gloss and attention to detail typical of a 1930s farm implement, but at least they won’t rust and will all be the same color.

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