Taking a cue from the first-gen GSX-R, I’ve mocked up what a foam dash panel might look like. This initial go is just a rough cut out of some yoga mat I had left over from upholstering Bultakenstein’s seat. In fact, I’m not even totally sure what instruments I will end up using.

The NOS John Deere snowmobile tach is my first choice, but it may not work for some unforeseen reason. The engine is a 1-spark-per-revolution wasted spark ignition, so in theory a two-stroke tach should work, but there’s no guarantee. The knockoff CT70 speedo should work fine, but without knowing the bike’s top speed, I wonder if the 0–50 MPH range will be adequate. [Wishful thinking, I know!] I do have a GPS speedometer and digital tach/hour meter that are self-powered. The electronic mini gauges are likely all I use initially. I will consider the bigger dial instruments after the bike is running. Ideally, I would like to have them all hooked up at some point to verify the gauges’ accuracy.

Meanwhile, the punch sheet is getting smaller, and there doesn’t seem to be not many big, hairy technical issues left on the list.

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