Completing the chain adjusters meant I could finally cut the chain to length and get it installed. The length ended up being 122 links, so my purchase of a 130-link length was pretty close to perfect. With the chain on the sprockets and the wheels still aligned in my makeshift jig, I adjusted it for about 1-1/4″ deflection and then tightened everything down.

On the right-hand side, my M10 rod ends arrived, so I drilled out the hole in the caliper bracket for an M10 x 1.25 tap, then added the torque link. I had to angle the caliper to the rear more than I intended; otherwise the bracket fouled the square upper swingarm tube running to the shocks. My use of threaded rod looks a bit bodge-y; I’ll either cut threads in smooth rod stock at some point, or just slip an appropriate length of alloy tube over it to hide it. For now, it’s functional.

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