Looking at the instrument mounting holes on the upper triple clamp got me thinking, and led me to create a much less ugly and obvious brace arrangement for the bars, which simultaneously adds some redundancy by using the original attachment locations.

I split the bar into two shorter straps and cut a semicircle out of each to clear the fork tube. I then turned some locating cones out of aluminum to replace the rubber instrument cushions. I rounded the ends of the links and countersunk a hole under the handlebar that accepts a stainless flat-head Allen screw.

This design raises the bars up by the thickness of the alloy, but I’m perfectly okay with that.

I hit them with the flap wheel very quickly before dashing out the door to work, and managed to blow out the edges of the countersinks while improving the overall appearance not at all. I’m a little embarrassed to show close-ups of my crappy workmanship, but the parts are a serviceable solution to the problem, and that’s what counts. The nuts will be replaced with nylocks for final assembly.

Here you go, every angle you could possibly want to see:

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