I finished my steering stops by drilling and tapping my homemade steering stop carrier for 6mm grade 12.9 socket head bolts.

I wasn’t sure how much steering lock the bike should have, so I referred to a statement in one of Tony Foale’s Motorcycle Handling and Chassis Design: “Road bikes will seldom have more than about 45 degrees of steering lock.” Sounded good enough for me, so I put the bolt center lines at 45° out from center. I foolishly didn’t consider that the actual steering range would be reduced by the outside radius of the bolt head/spacers, but there is still plenty more than needed for real riding. And on such a light, small bike, I’m not worried about steering lock when jockeying in and out of the garage.

I found two perfectly-sized spacers in an unused packet of Yuasa battery bolts that I slipped under the bolt heads.

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