I bought a couple of valve stems, which didn’t fit. Well, duh. Even though my wheels are cast, they’re from 1980 & 1981, which means they’re tube-type. Suzuki didn’t go to tubeless until 1982, even though those cast wheels are an identical design. So, I picked up a couple of tubes at my local dealership.

I just used two tire irons with some dish soap and water and a dusting of flour on the tube. It really wasn’t terribly difficult, but I went very slowly to avoid pinching the tube. Heidenau K65 90/90-19 tire mounted on the front:

Here’s a shot of the whole front end reassembled:

Unfortunately, as soon as I looked at the rear wheel, I remembered that the wheel bearings are so rusted they hardly turn. The right way to do this is to press them out before the tire goes on, so that’s what I did. It only took a couple of minutes to drive out the rear wheel bearings. They were in very sorry shape. I have new bearings on order.

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