Acting on the theory that the Nibbi 24mm carb might be on the large side for my motor, I picked up the same carb in 19mm (Nibbi PE19FL) to play around with how the throat size affects jetting and rideability. I also suspect that my long intake runner probably encourages a bit of boggy-ness off-idle with the larger carb. The two carbs appear to use the same carb body, as they look identical. If nothing else, the ability to compare the two venturi sizes side-by-side will help educate me on carb tuning.

However, my next step on the punch list is pulling the guts out of the muffler and figuring out how to make it quieter.

According to the two cheap electronic bathroom scales I bought off Amazon, it weighs 232 lbs. with a mostly empty fuel tank. That’s virtually identical to a Honda Navi, which is my benchmark for this bike, so I am very happy with that.

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