Tanshanomi's Snap Judgments


Mon, June 28th, 2010

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1977–92 BMW R100RS
I'm not dinging the R100 powerplant for not offering superbike performance (even though it sorta was one in the mid '70s). However, airhead engines are quirky to operate, a bit less friendly than a low-power engine should be.
For being a sophisticated, expensive Grand Touring machine, the RS was a bit deficient in the handling department due to inadequate ground clearance, obvious shaft-jacking and durable but uncooperative suspension parts.
That fairing is still a jaw-dropper, but the rest of the bike doesn't look nearly as racy nor as sophisticated to me now as it did back when it was BMW's flagship.
BMWs last a long time and many miles, but they have their quirks.
The RS was the first 'sport touring' bike. Unfortunately, it's too slow and wobbly to be sporty and that cool-looking fairing is too low to provide real protection while touring. The low bars are not ideal with the footpegs, and the seat precludes taking a passenger any distance.
I claim to like the bike. What I want is another, better bike with that fairing on it.
BMW kept trying to end production of the RS, but riders begged for more. I think that says more about their later bikes than about the R100RS.