Tanshanomi's Snap Judgments

Suzuki Boulevard S50

Fri, June 11th, 2010

2005–09 Suzuki VS800 Boulevard S50
The V-twin isn't going to scare anybody with its power, but it has decent low grunt and yet still spins up nicely. The only sore point is unacceptably lean carb settings from the factory. Vibration is apparent at higher engine speeds, but not a problem while cruising until you're well past legal highway speeds.
I would rate it as average, compared to all other bikes. For a shaft-drive cruiser designed a quarter-century ago, that's not bad at all.
It looks much better in person than a side-view would suggest. The update to the current Boulevard configuration improves on the old Intruder's looks greatly.
The Boulevard is not the most carefully assembled Japanese bike, but the underpinnings have been in production for a long time and have been proven solid.
It weighs no more than a vintage Bonneville, is compact and narrow enough for urban use, yet has enough power and straight-line stability for light touring duty. The stock seat seems rather comfortable at first, but isn't 'all-day' comfortable. New ones are overpriced and depreciate alarmingly; buy a used one.
I voted for this one with my pocketbook.
The S50 is somewhat outdated, but still a solid performer overall.