Tanshanomi's Snap Judgments

MZ 1000S

Mon, May 10th, 2010

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2005-08 MZ 1000S
Pretty darn strong for a parallel twin, with nice throttle response and admirable smoothness. Marred by noticeable (some would say severe) driveline lash at lower engine speeds.
It's a bit on the portly side, but steering is precise. The supple, complaint (very soft) suspension is great, as long as you realize that this is a sport-tourer with a racy fairing, not a hard-edged racer.
Lots of people hate the looks of the big MZ. I can understand why; it does look a tad bit slab-sided. But frankly, I love the (admittedly dated) sharply creased bodywork, the exposed steel tubular frame and the unique headlights.
The 1000S was solidly built, but a little rough around the edges for an expensive German exotic.
Great ergonomics, and compact as far as sport-tourers go, but jerky low end would hurt city use, and service is non-existent: only a handful of these orphaned flagships came into the U.S., and the manufacturer is now defunct. The ones that are here sell for realistic prices, however.
Even with all its failings, I would love to own one.
This bike deserved better. It was a good machine, but not great enough to turn the parent company's fortunes around.