Tanshanomi's Snap Judgments

Yamaha SR250T

Thu, March 4th, 2010

1980–81 Yamaha SR250T Exciter II
The 20 horsepower the little SR puts out is nothing special, but it has a nice flat torque curve.
Light and extremely maneuverable, but tiny brakes and a generally insecure feeling at anything beyond a moderate lean make it less fun than it should be.
The SR250 is a fairly clean, restrained design with some nice touches. The 'T' model's rear trunk is a funky-cool addition.
SR250s make little power, and are therefore flogged mercilessly; they held up better than anybody would expect for an economy 'beginner' model, but finding one that's been properly cared for will be tough nowadays.
The underpowered engine and flyweight chassis limit enjoyable range, but the built-in trunk makes it one of the best vehicles ever for a quick run to 7-Eleven.
The trunk on the 1980 model (called the 'Exciter II') was permanently bolted on; the next year the Exciter T had a removable trunk and optional quick-change passenger seat, which made it even cooler—although I would have no desire to ever ride an SR250 two-up.
The rare, trunk-equipped version transformed the basic SR250 from an attractive and competent but ordinary bike into something truly unique.