Tanshanomi's Snap Judgments

BMW R1200C

Tue, February 16th, 2010

1997–2005 BMW R1200C
It's not a monster, but it is smooth, fairly grunty down low, and very responsive, with seamlessly programmed fuel injection. Low-key, but easily up to any kind of riding you can throw at it.
It's no racer, but the Big 'C' has more ground clearance and handles better than the vast majority of other cruisers (and better than any other non-paralever Beemer). Fairly compliant ride over uneven pavement.
This one is totally garofalo: I could as easily give it a 5 or a 0, depending on the day and my mood. I love the individual bits and its uniqueness, but the overall look is cluttered. It is what it is.
Well built and can rack up many miles without falling to pieces. Typically BMW.
Low center of gravity, light steering, and nicely centralized mass hides most of the (considerable) weight. Good ergonomics (other than than the 'too-far' pullback bars) make it comfortable enough to tour on. Odd front end provides solid feel out on the highway.
Despite many Beemer purists' distain for it, the R1200C provides a pretty nice cruiser experience that won't get old after just a season or two. But the cost for used ones remains too high.
I didn't like the R1200C when it came out, yet I had a perverse fascination with it. A decade later, I am no less fascinated, and increasingly fond of it. Might consider it for myself if I found a nice one at an affordable price.