Tanshanomi's Snap Judgments

Yamaha 250 Tricker

Wed, August 17th, 2011

NOTE: The Tricker has never been imported to the United States.

2004–11 Yamaha XG250 Tricker
The XG520 is mechanically identical to the XT250 that I reviewed in March, 2010. The performance score is logically the same.
The Tricker is targeted as an urban explorer, not an enduro bike. Despite having identical frame and brakes as the XT, the Tricker's score gets a bump over its sibling due to its lower overall height and wider, more street-oriented tires, as well as an intended mission that demands less out of the suspension.
The Tricker is a remix of trials and supermoto styling that hits all the right notes. It's fresh and different without being goofy.
It's a late model Yamaha with no known reliability issues and durable bodywork: everything works slickly and should continue to work that way for a long time.
While not the best choice for long distances or freeways, the Tricker's compactness, nimble handling and a seat height under 32 inches make this an ideal city bike for nearly anybody. (Note that I drop all non-US-market bikes 2 points.)
The Tricker has a fun, funky street cred few bikes of its size and price possess nowadays.
The Tricker manages to be much more than an XT250 with different bodywork and smaller-diameter rims.