Tanshanomi's Snap Judgments

Honda Hawk GT

Thu, July 8th, 2010

1988–91 Honda NT650 Hawk GT
The Hawk GT was an enjoyable engine, though jetted too lean. It doesn't have any outstanding traits or remarkable characteristics, leaving it feeling somewhat appliance-like.
The springy and stoppie parts are a bit out of date and suffer from the usual OEM cost-cutting, but the spar frame and single-sided swingarm are both incredibly stiff. Combined with light weight and compact dimensions, it inspires confidence in the turns.
The Hawk GT is interesting, but a bit antiseptic — neither homely nor inspiring. Somehow it all doesn't come together to create any single overall impression besides, 'Look, a spar frame.'
Low maintenance features, solid build quality, and no-gimmick design.
Having ridden a Hawk GT on city streets, twisty backroads, and several 650+ mile Interstate days, it's a great all-around'er. One full point off for the horrible stock seat, however; it's hard, smooth and slants forward, constantly forcing the family jewels against the back of the humped tank. A Corbin saddle is mandatory on this bike.
It's the sort of bike I claim to love, but this one leaves me a bit cold.
A high-quality bike that could just as easily be a Maytag as a Honda.