Tanshanomi's Snap Judgments

Honda CB1000

Mon, April 12th, 2010

The CB1000 was only imported into the U.S. for the 1994–95 model years.

1992-1997 Honda CB1000 'Big One'
Creamy, dreamy power everywhere. The CBR1000-based mill was detuned for more low- and mid-range punch (which was totally the right approach, even though the boy-racer fanbois complained). A big brute of a motor that compares favorably to even today's bikes.
Weight works against handling, but in this case less so than you might guess. A high-ish CG and long wheelbase mean that abrupt direction changes don't work so well, but it's delightfully secure in big sweepers.
Nothing fake or chintzy. It manages to look ominous, purposeful and inviting all at the same time.
A brick of a motor, with very few problems. Chassis parts are durable.
A big fairingless bike is not purchased with practicality in mind, but the riding position is good and the seat is more than passable. Ownership of nearly any modern Honda is not much a hassle...but threading one of these babies through traffic might be.
It's not that much different from many other big UJMs, but it does have a certain style that makes it unique.
It's like 2/3rds of KZ1300A...with all that entails, both good and bad.