Tanshanomi's Snap Judgments

Honda CB750K (DOHC)

Mon, February 8th, 2010

1979–82 Honda CB750K
The performance is typical of a 750cc UJM. High 12's (if you're good!), fairly flat power curve, but slightly gutless down low and a bit buzzy at high revs.
A bit massive for its suspension, and tires are skinny. But, still better than the earlier SOHC bikes and not much worse than any other 750cc four sold at the time.
Restrained bodywork and mostly demure color choices paired with those four chrome pipes is iconic Honda. Attractive engine has a family resemblance to the CBX and looks best unpainted. The original distinguishing nacelle-mounted taillight looked too bulbous and was quickly dropped. Most had wire spoke wheels. ComStar composites (shown in photo) were also available, although in the USA they could only be had in black on the less attractive but (supposedly) more collectable '78 10th Anniversary model.
A good engine that does not enjoy the same bulletproof reputation as either the earlier SOHC Hondas or its DOHC competition from Kawasaki and Suzuki. Expect the exhaust to be rusted through on any example you find today.
It doesn't excel at anything and is a bit portly. Ergonomics are better than the Custom model, but stepped seat locks you into one spot.
At the time, the K was the more dowdy, stay-at-home sister of the racy F-model and flashier Custom and Nighthawk versions. The K has aged better in the years since due to less dated styling and its less demanding touring/standard mission in life.
An interesting bike that occupies the middle ground between Gold Wing and CBX.