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Genuine Rattler 110

Fri, March 26th, 2010

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2006–10 Genuine Rattler 'Buck-Ten'
Two strokes are supposed to be more aggressive than four-strokes, pumping out great gobs of peaky power for a superior power-to-weight ratio. The Rattler has that signature two-stroke 'ring-ding' sound (hence the name), but that's about all the two-stroke goodness you'll find here. It is no more powerful than most similarly-sized four-stroke scooters, and noticeably less than some. Furthermore, thanks to the CVT's automatic management of the revs, you can't downshift and goose it in accepted two-stroke style.
Despite a dual-piston caliper, wave rotor, and piggyback rear shock, the brakes and suspension are just adequate.
The Rattler has some nice touches and an aggressive attitude that most small scooters lack. It's as masculine (in an immature way) as the Scarabeo is girly.
Don't be turned off by the Rattler's Taiwanese lineage. Genuine is just that: genuine — a real brand run by real, die-hard scooter enthusiasts. They make sure their scooters have decent (though not exceptional) build quality.
It's a little too tiny and too slow to be the best choice for real riding. There are more competent, convenient and polished choices with better dealer support.
I love the Rattler's concept: a raspy, high-strung two-stroke survivor with high-grade components. But in reality, the Rattler's mediocre performance just can't back up its in-your-face, mini-hooligan image.
Move along, people — nothing to see here.