Tanshanomi's Snap Judgments

Victory Vision Tour

Thu, June 17th, 2010

2008–10 Victory Vision Tour
The Victory motor is a fine performer, and the Vision gets a nice bump in displacement.
Despite its v-twin, it is just as wide and long as a Gold Wing...and handles just like one, too. Not that that is terribly bad.
The Vision could have been designed by DC Comics. It's just silly looking and over-the-top, although I like the lines around the faux fuel tank cover and seat. The street version, minus the swoopy, cantilevered top box, looks better, but the cartoonish saddlebags need help.
Victory takes the quality of their bikes seriously (more so than Polaris's sled and ATV lineups!), but they still suffer the limitations of a small-volume company.
It's no worse than any other big, fat, full-dress tourer to ride, although parts and service may be more of a hassle, and there are fewer accessories available.
Despite admirable functionality, I can't imagine anyone (other than Batman) thinking 'Yea, that's the bike for me.'
Victory decided they needed something distinctive. They succeeded...in the worst possible way. It's a competent bike, but that has nothing to do with its (ahem!) 'unique' looks.