Tanshanomi's Snap Judgments

Yamaha 700 Fazer

Wed, March 10th, 2010

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1986–87 Yamaha FZX700 Fazer
The motor has all the traits of the Maxim X I reviewed in January, both good and bad, and gets the same rating. The biggest fault is the maddeningly sensitive throttle coupled with too much driveline lash.
It is not nearly as good as the FZ750 it was derived from, but its less demanding intended role allows me to cut it some slack. Crazy-looking rear shocks didn't work well.
It was supposed to look like a mini V-Max. It didn't. Instead, the front half looks like an FZ750 wearing a costume from Star Wars...with chrome elbows. The back half has more swooshy, swoopy curves than a puffy tuxedo shirt.
You can't fault the Yamaha Genesis bikes. They were all very well engineered.
Having spent more than one 500-mile day on a Fazer, I can say that they have genuinely nice riding position, but the lousy rear shocks and hyper-responsive throttle makes them tiring to ride.
There are lots of quirky, underperforming bikes that I can't help but like more than I should. In this case, the opposite is probably true; I probably dislike the Fazer more than it truly deserves.
Its as unattractively 80s as a Members Only jacket.